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Kitchen Bar

Kitchen Bar lets you enjoy your coffee, your drink, brunch, lunch or dinner with a wide variety of both Greek and ethnic cuisine. It’s a place for all hours, offering a priceless view of the seafront of Thessaloniki. With more than 15 years running, Kitchen Bar is one of the most well-known restaurants in the city, located in the port of Thessaloniki.

The Mission

With countless disappointments from marketing agencies, Kitchen Bar was looking for an alternative digital agency that could not only communicate promotional material, but make Kitchen Bar come alive in Social Media, integrating its unique location and offering in its storytelling and develop its brand online. High quality video content was a must, requiring a creative and flexible social media management with 100% focus on quality.


Luxury Sport Cruise

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with a personal speedboat cruise around Vourvourou and the Diaporos island with the fastest offshore speedboat in the area. Enjoy a stress-free charter with a highly experienced and licensed professional skipper, who will help you discover the hidden gems of Chalkidki.

The Mission

Luxury Sport Cruise started its operations 2017 with high ambitions to offer unforgettable day-cruising services in the North Aegean. It was of uttermost importance that all communication was emphasizing the personal high quality service, and visually showing the beauty of the area and the tours.


Dimitriadis Construction

For more than 40 years, Dimitriadis Construction have been active in the field of construction, reconstruction and decoration. They focus on plasterboard constructions, as well as in drywall construction studies and applications, for professional spaces and residences.

The Mission

Dimitriadis Construction wanted to re-invent their online image and bring on a world class modern approach on showcasing their work in the digital world. Focusing on storytelling through 360 photography, the aim is to bring both inspiration and information to the customer, as well as creating an increased online engagement.


Visit Cyclades is a travel portal for the travel agency “ Visit Cyclades Travel” based in Piso Livadi, Paros Island. With more than 10 years of experience in the tourism field, they also provide accommodation, car services and a wide variety of things to see and do in the Cyclades group of islands.

The Mission

As is running a seasonal business with a short peak season, it was very important to plan the content strategy and ad campaigns in order to be optimized for the summer season. Moreover, great visual content needed to be created from scratch, already before the actual season had started. With a great dedication, planning and flexibility, the campaign started already in January and covered the whole year.


Thalassa Psaragora

Thalassa Psaragora aims to change the eating habits and enrich the daily nutrition of households through choosing a healthier diet. 7 days a week, you will find a great variety of fresh fish of the day and seafood as well as many options of cooked fish dishes.

The Mission

Thalassa Psaragora was looking for a complete company identity for its online and offline presence; offering an alternative for a healthier lifestyle, they wanted this to be reflected in their language, colors, social media approach and print material. Moreover, by offering an user-friendly online order experience, they wanted to attract both a young and mature customer base.


Platanakia Natura

Platanakia Natura is a unique café-restaurant situated in Panorama, just outside the center of Thessaloniki. Customers can escape the noise of the city to relax in a beautiful forest setting and enjoy coffee, lunch or dinner. Forests, paths, flowing rivers, a children’s playground, a zoo and other surprises welcome you to Platanakia. The area is rich in flora and fauna and is the ideal place for both young and old.

The Mission

With the new management from 2018, Platanakia wanted a fresh start of this well-known and established venue. The mission was to create a simple yet stunning logotype with modern menus and catalogs, to build a new welcoming website focusing on the experience one will find at Platanakia, and to create and implement an engaging personal Social Media strategy based on storytelling and people.

250 Clients and counting...

We’re working with a wide range of clients, covering also a wide range of industries; B2C, B2B, online, offline, entrepreneurs and corporations. You can find them all over the country, from Thessaloniki in the North to the Cyclades in the South.


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