Victoria Hatzopoulou

Don’t let your dream just be dreams.


(+30) 2310 345 998


55236, Panorama


09.00 – 18.00


[email protected]

her story

Victoria Hatzopoulou

I’m an Intern at Followed.

When my parents used to tell me to focus at school so I would be successful later in life, I had in my mind, a future in theatre and cinema. Eventually, I was right. My love for the arts drove me to study in this direction, in an effort to follow my dream.

At the moment, having finished my studies, I am interning at Followed. Part of my responsibilities include undertaking the production and post-production on some projects.

In my life, I have three loves. My food, my cats and my DSLR. I’m one of those people who prefer to watch movies on the big screen rather than downloading them onto their computer. I feel the need to visit the cinema at least once a week.

In addition to directing, I am very interested in photography, video recording and editing. I enjoy spending my hours shooting pictures, making short films and putting them together.

I may not have vast experience in this area, but I am sure of one thing: do not let anything stop you from realizing your dreams!

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