Solution to every problem, not a problem to every solution


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his story

Petter Hederstedt

Hello there, I’m the Founder and CEO of Followed.

Solution to every problem, not a problem to every solution. Being Swedish, moving to Greece in times of massive economic turmoil, and setting up a brand new Digital agency, simply requires this kind of positive mindset. There’s only one way to go, and that’s forward. I’ve been working with online ventures since 2006, specializing in online and offline sales, digital marketing, and online education. This has created the ingredients for a really special social media agency.

I take great pride in having developed an open and collaborative team environment where our client’s brand storytelling and social media marketing objectives take center stage each and every day.  I know that we flourish, or die, because of our customers, therfore naturally, we are client centered in everything we do.

One of my biggest passions is to build; build great products and services, build great teams, and to build great companies. Alongside Followed Digital Agency, I co-founded Universal Avenue, multi-awarded as one of Europe’s hottest startups in 2016. Universal Avenue is a unique sales platform based on the on-demand economy, and is currently disrupting field sales as we know it.

Besides work I spend as much time as possible on two wheels, exploring Greece on my motorcycle. That is whenever my family lets me, of course; I am still searching for a solution for mixing family life with motorcycling.


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