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Her story

Maria Totska

Hello, I am a content manager at Followed Digital Agency!

Ever since I can remember, I have loved communicating with people and this is something that I have looked for at every opportunity. For me, every contact has something to offer you. I like to observe the world around me and this often helps me to create content for social media. A customer, except the services and products he offers, is characterized by the way seeing and facing the whole world.

Since I was younger, I wanted to study Journalism & Mass Communications and I feel grateful being able to work now in this field. After I worked in several “purely” journalistic positions, I found out the advertising world and it was really attractive for me. In this working area, you can create, communicate and realize the needs of people around you.

All the people who have known me, talk about my strong desire to organize everyone and everything. I like to go off schedule but just only, when situations and conditions promise me something better than that was already planned. I believe in teamwork and I avoid competing people. Competition is healthier for me.

My family has a very important role in my life. I feel proud of them, as well as the best friends I have made for all these years. I am a communicative and approachable person. Furthermore, I love travelling, exploring first of all the other places, my country. Greece is a really beautiful country and produces lots of delicious goods.


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